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The foundation of the twinning between Ballinamuck and Essert, Franche Comte in France was laid in 1996 when Ballinamuck was preparing to commemorate the bi centenary of the Battle of Ballinamuck, the last battle of the 1798 Rebellion. The local Ballinamuck group sought to twin with St. Nabord in the Vosges region, the birthplace of the French General Humbert, leader of the French troops  at the battle. However, the group who came forward to twin were from Essert in nearby Franche Comte.

With the support of Longford County Council, the twinning was formally inaugurated in Essert in May 1997 when the twinning oath was signed by both Longford and Essert councils. Since then the relationship has deepened and developed over the years with many joint projects, visits taking place. As the collaboration developed, including the young people of each area became a focus of the work. Each visit now includes a youth project where the young people of both areas work together on a project remotely initially and complete during the visit. There have been may projects over the years, environmental projects, collage, upcycling furniture, creating musical instruments from discarded materials, cooking, sewing, work experience, music, making vegetable containers and growing vegetables in them, the list is comprehensive.

The twinning is supported by Longford County Council and local fundraising. Its continued success is due to the hard-working committees on both sides plus the host families who take the visitors into their homes each visit. It is this voluntary effort which makes our twinning a highlight every year.

For more information visit the twinning website :

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