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The Ballinamuck Community Enterprise Group is a voluntary group set up in June 1994. Its formation arose from a growing awareness for the need for local groups to take the responsibility for the development of their own areas.

Mission Statement

To promote the social and economic development of the parish in an environmentally sustainable manner and in keeping with the history and culture of the people and in doing so improve the quality of life of the people living in the area.


Since its formation the group has developed:


The group has also initiated a twinning with the village of Essert in Franche Comte in the neighbouring department to Vosges the birthplace of General Humbert. The twinning initiative is supported by Longford County Council and local fund raising, including a local Lotto in conjunction with the local GAA club, Father Manning Gaels.


The current officers of the group are:

  • Paddy Howe, chairperson
  • Dervla Massey, secretary
  • Maurice Murphy, treasurer