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Battle Virtual Trail

The map below contains 11 points of interest from the Battle of Ballinamuck. Under the map you will find text and imagery related to each of these point, plus approximate GPS co-ordinates. We have included a Google Streetview video, which can be manipulated using your mouse/cursor.

We have also set up a Google Earth project which references each of the 11 locations.

battle of ballinamuck map

Kiltycrevagh (Croppies Gap) & Surrounds

1. First Skirmish takes place at Croppies Gap

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.870821, -7.725252

Humbert’s men were spread out along the road. While Humbert waited for them in Ballinamuck, his rearguard of 200 men, under Gen. Sarrazin, surrendered after a brief skirmish ❶ at Kiltycrevagh (Croppies Gap).

2. Jobit’s Men Attack but get stuck in bog

Humbert moved up Shanmullagh Hill with 400 men, while General Blake with a battalion of pike men and a company of French grenadiers under Capt. Jobit took up position along the road.

Jobit ordered his grenadiers to attack across the bog ❷, but they sank into it and were forced to surrender.

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.869429, -7.723267

The Streetview below shows a view from the roadway toward the bog where Jobit’s men surrendered. To the left is Shanmullagh Hill to which Humber moved to.

Shanmullagh Hill

3. General Lake Attacks Left Flank Shanmullagh Hill

General Lake now arrived in the valley with large forces and attacked the left flank of Shanmullagh Hill ❸. This was repeatedly repelled by a detachment of pike men.

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.869429, -7.723267

The Streetview below shows a view from the roadway toward the left side of Shanmullagh Hill

4. General Lake Attacks Shanmullagh Hill from Rear

Lake sent a large detachment of cavalry and infantry around the hill, under cover ❹ to attack Humbert from the rear.

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.868059217266605, -7.702642768899999

The Streetview below shows a view from the roadway at the rear of Shanmullagh Hill

5. Humbert Surrenders

Humbert was surprised by cannon fire followed by a cavalry charge and forced to surrender in minutes.

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.86622565473282, -7.7122245854174905

The Streetview below shows the top of Shanmullagh Hill

Lake’s Cavalry Repulsed

6. Magee’s Cannon

GPS Co-ordinates:53.86244482675876, -7.715567533375668

On the roadway, cannon fire was exchanged and Lake’s cavalry were repulsed repeatedly by Blake’s pike men and Magee’s cannon ❻.

7. Rebels Fight For Their Lives

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.86733615756395, -7.718032092424851

Blake led his men along the foot of Shanmullagh Hill for a flank attack on the road, but when he got there, Humbert had surrendered.

The rebels fought with the courage of desperation, as they realised that they were to be shown no mercy. Many fled into the bog ❼, where the cavalry could not follow, but they were surrounded by muskets and slaughtered.

Shanmullagh Hill – the end

8. French Surrender & Irish Slaughtered

The Irish battalions on the top of the hill ❽ watched, as the French were treated with all the civilities of a formal surrender, but were themselves then set upon and slaughtered without mercy.

9. Burials in Mass Graves

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.86622565473282, -7.7122245854174905

500 were buried in mass graves (❾ – Croppies Grave) on the hill.

Kiltycreevagh Hill

10. Execution of the Captured

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.875959030865125, -7.728080882879791

Many of the captured, including McGee and General Blake were hanged from the arms of a cart.

Tubberpatrick Graveyard

11. General Blake’s burial

GPS Co-ordinates: 53.887766327504295, -7.695597679784633

General Blake was buried in Tubberpatrick graveyard ⓫.